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19 March 2018

NTCAT has changed the way it conducts guardianship proceedings with the introduction of new forms and processes. The process commenced on Monday 19 March 2018. To support the changes, NTCAT has amended and created the following forms, which are now available under Publications. You can also access the Guardianship Seminar Booklet which contains the new forms and other relevant materials.

AG1 – Application for Guardianship Order
AG2 – Proposed Guardian Eligibility Declaration
AG3 – Coversheet and Guidelines for Report by Medical Practitioner or Other Health Practitioner 
AG4 – Primary Carer’s Report
AG5 – Application to vary revoke or reassess a Guardianship Order
AG6 – Application to register an interstate Guardianship Order
AG7 – Miscellaneous Application
AG8 – Application regarding health care action under the Advance Personal Planning Act
AG8A – Other application under the Advance Personal Planning Act