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You can contact NTCAT by:

Email: AGD.ntcat [at] nt.gov.au or Phone: 1800 604 622 | (08) 8944 8720

You can also attend in person or write to NTCAT via our registry offices located in Casuarina (Darwin) and Alice Springs:

Casuarina Registry

Operating Hours 8.45am to 4.00pm
The Met Building
CASCOM Building 5, Casuarina Village
Level 1, 13-17 Scaturchio Street

Postal Address: PO Box 41860, Casuarina NT 0810

Alice Springs Registry

Operating Hours 8.45am to 4.00pm
Westpoint Building
1 Stott Terrace

Postal Address: PO Box 1745, Alice Springs NT 0870

When contacting NTCAT please remember that our staff cannot provide legal advice. This includes advice on whether or not you should bring a case before NTCAT.

Organisations that may be able to assist you with legal advice or other support are listed under Support Services.

Feedback and Complaints

NTCAT aims to achieve outcomes that are prompt, fair and inexpensive.


NTCAT values your feedback so we can learn more about your experience with the Tribunal and continue to improve our services.

You can provide feedback by writing to us at AGD.ntcat [at] nt.gov.au


You can make a complaint about an NTCAT service, procedure, practice or policy.

This may include a complaint about:

  • the conduct of a registry staff member
  • the conduct of a tribunal member
  • registry processes or procedures
  • quality of service

You cannot make a complaint about an NTCAT decision.

A complaint will not change any decision or orders NTCAT has already made. A party can however challenge a decision by applying for an internal review, lodging an appeal, seeking a re-opening of the proceeding or using other avenues available under the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act.

NTCAT cannot act on complaints about matters that are outside NTCAT’s control, such as the laws to which NTCAT is required to give effect and government policy affecting those laws.

If you wish to make a complaint, you are asked to make it in writing addressed to the Registrar, NTCAT.  It is important that you include the following information:

  • your name and contact details (ideally including an email address);
  • NTCAT file number (if applicable);
  • as much detail as possible about your complaint, including any relevant dates; and
  • how you would like NTCAT to resolve the complaint.

NTCAT is committed to responding to complaints in an appropriate, timely and courteous way.