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The filing of an application for internal review, an appeal to the Supreme Court or an application to reopen a proceeding, does not affect the operation of the decision.

A party wishing to challenge an NTCAT decision will need to obtain a stay of that decision if they wish to prevent the other party from taking steps to enforce the decision. 

A stay may be granted by NTCAT itself, or, in the case of appeals to the Supreme Court, by that Court.  If an NTCAT order has been registered with the Local Court then a stay will need to be obtained from that Court in order to prevent further enforcement.

A stay can be sought by filing a Form 3 Ordinary Application.

Even when a stay is sought, there is no guarantee that it will be granted.  An applicant for a stay will need to demonstrate that there are good reasons why the other party should not have the benefit of a NTCAT decision until the challenge to the decision is determined.