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NTCAT makes decisions in accordance with the law.

An NTCAT decision will be accompanied by an order. The order will outline what the parties are required to do and by when.

NTCAT’s decisions and orders are made by the tribunal member (or members) presiding at a hearing. 

The hearing will usually be an oral hearing, with the member and parties participating in person or by video or telephone.  Occasionally (for example in matters where the facts are not in dispute) NTCAT will conduct a hearing ‘on the papers’ – that is, without an oral hearing.

The tribunal member may announce their decision and orders at the conclusion of the hearing or they may do so at a later time.  In most cases, NTCAT is required to hand down its decision and orders no later than 28 days after the hearing.

In all matters apart from guardianship matters, NTCAT is required to give written reasons for its final decisions.