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NTCAT is committed to providing Territorians with justice in an accessible and modern forum.

NTCAT's service commitment to you

NTCAT will:

  • listen to and take into account your individual needs;
  • be respectful, courteous and professional;
  • act honestly, fairly and impartially;
  • provide consistent, accurate and timely information and services;
  • treat your information in confidence and with sensitivity;
  • deliver services in a safe and secure environment;
  • provide access to information that is accurate, clearly explained, and relevant;
  • inform you of other government or non-government services that may be able to assist you;
  • respond to any concerns, problems or complaints quickly; and
  • strive to make our services prompt and user friendly.

How you can help NTCAT

You can help us at NTCAT, to provide the best possible service to you, by:

  • telling us if you have any specific needs, such as if you need an interpreter to use our services;
  • giving  us accurate and complete information;
  • having all relevant information ready when dealing with us;
  • responding quickly to our requests for further information;
  • treating our staff with courtesy and respect – we cannot assist you if you are abusive or aggressive;
  • telling us if your contact details change;
  • telling us if you cannot comply with an order, such as a scheduled hearing date;
  • complying with our procedures; and
  • taking responsibility for your matter and getting legal advice if needed.

Please understand that NTCAT cannot provide you with legal advice. This means:

  • we cannot tell you whether or not you should bring your case before a court or tribunal;
  • we cannot tell you what the outcome of your case may be;
  • we cannot let you communicate with an NTCAT member (except at a hearing or compulsory conference); and
  • we cannot interpret or change an NTCAT decision or order (although you may have rights to seek a review of a decision, or to appeal against it).