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Objectives of NTCAT

NTCAT’s objectives emphasise accessibility, efficiency and fairness.

NTCAT’s objectives are listed in section 10 of the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act. They provide that NTCAT must:

  • promote the best principles of public administration; and
  • be accessible to the public by being easy to find and easy to access; and
  • be responsive to parties, especially to people with special needs; and
  • ensure that proceedings are processed and resolved as quickly as possible while achieving a just outcome, including by resolving disputes through high-quality processes and the use of mediation and alternative dispute resolution procedures when appropriate; and
  • keep costs to parties involved in a proceeding to a minimum insofar as is just and appropriate; and
  • use straightforward language and procedures; and
  • act with as little formality and technicality as possible; and
  • be flexible in the way in which it conducts its business and adjust its procedures to best fit the circumstances of a particular proceeding or a particular jurisdiction.