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Membership of NTCAT

NTCAT has over 30 members who hear and decide cases.

NTCAT has two permanent members – Mark O'Reilly, President and Andrew Macrides, Senior Member.

The President is responsible for the management and administration of the Tribunal.

The remaining members work on a sessional basis, meaning they are only engaged in connection with particular proceedings – for example, to conduct compulsory conferences and hearings.

NTCAT’s members are appointed for their specialist knowledge and qualifications from a diverse range of professional backgrounds. This is important to provide flexibility in the make-up of the tribunal when it is dealing with specialised areas, for example professional disciplinary matters.

All NTCAT members are expected to have:

  • a high level of integrity
  • sound judgement
  • legal or other relevant skills
  • a capacity to make fair decisions quickly.

In addition to these expectations, in line with the approach taken by the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory and the Local Court, NTCAT has adopted the below policy on Inappropriate Workplace Conduct relating to all NTCAT members: